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There is no doubt about it, a manicure is a treat. Whether it’s a gift from your husband, partner or sibling, or a simple act of kindness towards yourself, it should always be something you look forward to.

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Gel Manicure

At Nevada Nail & Lash Studio, we have seen first-hand the growing popularity of gel manicures among our customers.

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Acrylic Manicure

The beauty of the wide range of acrylic nails that we offer at Nevada Nail & Lash Studio is that they are fun, fake and easy to apply. Some might think that the disposable nature of acrylic nails is a drawback but we do not.

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Shellac Manicure

Having led the nail salon field for years, it is fair to say that Nevada Nail & Lash Studio knows a thing or two about manicures.

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Nail Art

At Nevada Nail & Lash Studio we know that every one of our customers is different. This sense of individuality and uniqueness is what defines them and is often displayed most visibly with their nail designs.

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